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Quality Policy

For a perfect end-product a perfect beginning is inevitable part. Our quality policy applies to each and every stage of production starting from procuring raw materials and till the dispatch of finished goods. We lay a great emphasis on the quality check and control measures to meet every basic requirement for a perfect finished packaging material. We follow a procedural method for our quality assurance section for which we have a dedicated specialized team working continuously to meet every specification tight to its standard.

We have designed our quality policy in a procedural way where we can ensure quality check at every value added step.

Check 1. Procurement of Raw Material
From the very beginning of the acquisition of raw materials our quality team starts its task of inspecting the acquired material with the standardised quality level.

At this stage testing performed on the Paper GSM, Paper Quality, Strength of paper, Moisture content and other basic requirements for a standard product. Once the received material found to be compatible with tithe stated requirement will be taken in other wise rejected back from door.

Check 2. Process Check during Manufacturing
In order to ensure a desired output we have installed various machineries and latest equipments to maintain quality level equal at every value added stage. The equipments which we have installed for quality check are:

A.1 Auto Tracking Spectro Densitometers: To analyse and provide accurate data against the marked standards for  ensuring fault free results during manufacturing of labels

A.2 Label Image Checkers: It helps in estimating and matching the originally entered data in terms of final desired output with the ongoing process. Any outage in the prices will raise the alarm which helps out in checking the defect and ruling it out from the process.

A. 3 Desiccator: For maintaining the actual position of labels in the same way for a long after its production so that can be delivered in the desired way.

B. 1 Paper GSM Electronic Balance: Every customer has a specific design and specification for their order. In order to fulfil the demand in the directed way we make su to give the desired output without compromising quality. This equipment helps in managing the optimum level of paper GSM.

B.2 Moisture Tester: Moisture is important for maintaining the quality of manufactured material . For ensuring the moisture level, we have installed the latest technology which gives the accurate data and helps in meeting the specification.

Check 3. Final check before Sign out from process of manufactured material
In order to keep the track of manufacturing quality with the prescribed standard, continuous check is followed by quality team during the process. But there are other details which are required to check after complete manufacturing. For such quality check various machines are installed at our facility:

A.1  Leak Tester: In the manufactured jars, in order to check their leak proof manufacturing Leak Tester machine is installed which can detect even a minute gap in the jar which gives 100% leak proof jar.

A.2  Cobb Tester: For checking the cob value and matching it with the given and prescribed standard.

A.3  Crush Tester: It is required for checking the strength of the manufactured boxes of both types ie; corrugated boxes and mono carton boxes.

Other machineries installed for ensuring cent percent quality standards are:

  1. Board & Paper Bursting Strength.
  2. Paper GSM electronic Balance
  3. Box weighing Digital Scale
  4. Paper calliper Thickness Gauge
  5. Bobst EXPERTCUT 76 E
  6. VSR 300 Inspector
  7. SM 74 Heidelberg Offset

Installation, operation, calibration and general maintenance of the machinery is always monitored by the team of experts. We keep on searching and acquiring those equipments and methods which can help us to improve the process in an effective way.